Soccer At Our Parks!


Villages Soccer and our Volunteer Coaches

Our program would not be what it is today without the dedicated support of our trainers and volunteers! Opportunities are available to help out during practices and games. If you're interested in participating, contact us via email for more information. 

Many thanks to all of those involved! 

Support the sport!!!

Parents and Spectators

To help your young athlete succeed, how can you as a parent or guardian help them to achieve that goal?

What is your role? Be your child's biggest fan! Be supportive! Help your child keep the sport in perspective. And, above all else, remember that it's supposed to be fun!

When you allow your child to have ownership of practices and games while maintaining balance between school and soccer, they will remain healthy and happy athletes....and of course, have the best chance to perform to their potential! 

Soccer Rules of the Game

FIFA Laws of the Game

Training Resources

Flash Drills
St. Johns County 
Parks and Recreation 
Check Procedures 
Coaches and Adult Assistants 

1. All coaches/assistants must complete a background check through the St. John’s County Parks and Recreation department. This must be done by all new coaches/assistants/trainers and returning coaches/assistants/trainers. This is an annual process which is required by St. Johns County.

**To access the paperwork for this important procedure download the "St Johns Child Safety Policy" document found at the bottom of this page.  Print the paperwork, complete pages 5-7 and personally submit it to St. Johns County via one of the following options:

Option A: Bring completed paperwork with you to the preseason coaches meeting designated for your team’s age group.  Submit the paperwork to the St. Johns County representative at this meeting.

Option B: Email completed paperwork to  Also include a digital jpg file of a clear recent face picture without eyeglasses or hats.

Please note:  processing time for this years badge program will take longer than in past years.  Plan accordingly!

2. All coaches are required to have a 2012/13 Badge.  Please follow the instructions below to update your badge or, if you are new, you must apply for a new badge.

3. All Coaches, Assistants, Trainers and Parents that will be working with the children must have a 2012/13 badge. Badges will be worn in plain sight at all times during practices, games and by anyone who might be working with your team even if it is on a temporary basis. 

4. If you fail to wear your badge the following steps will be taken:

a. First Offense: you will be sent off the field and name recorded
b. Second Offense: you will be suspended for one week
c. Third Offense: you will be suspended for the rest of the season and reported to the Villages Soccer management for disciplinary action. 

Please help us to keep our children safe by following the steps above. If you have any questions please email our safety director at or contact the county directly at the number below.

Badges  Processing
T.J. Jackson
2175 Mizell Road,
St. Augustine,  FL 32080-9157
(904) 209-0332

Effective January 1, 2008:
Due to the cost of badges, St. Johns County is charging $10.00 per badge for replacement of that badge. (Betsy Clarkson)


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